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Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums

In this section you will learn how the Vatican Museums were created, what events took place in the process of their creation, and many more interesting things. In addition, you can read about the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

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Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Description of Michelangelo's Frescoes

To date, the Sistine Chapel is considered the most famous chapel, which is located in the Vatican. The chapel was built in 1475 - 1481, its architect is the young master Giovanni de Dolchi. This building was built during the reign of Sixtus IV, which is why the chapel has such a name.

Basilica (Cathedral) of St. Peter, Vatican - description

The Basilica is a monument to Peter, whom Jesus chose as the senior apostle, announcing that Peter is the stone on which he will build the church. Since Rome was the capital of the empire, Peter and the apostle Paul came here to carry faith in the Lord at the beginning of the first millennium. But the early Christians were persecuted for their faith and, as the church tradition says in 64 A.D.

How the Vatican Museums were created

Let's count. The area of ​​the Vatican is 0.44 square kilometers, the population is about 800 people (there are hundreds of times more tourists every day here). Moreover, the Vatican Museums have tens of thousands of exhibits, many of them are true masterpieces of world culture. It turns out that in terms of the number of works of art per unit area (or, if you like, per number of inhabitants), the Vatican occupies the first place in the world. Of course, statistics are not very appropriate when it comes to the Beautiful, but still, you see, it’s impressive.

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