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Czech Museums

Czech Museums

Jewish Museum in Prague

Prague Jewish Museum is one of the oldest, largest and most famous museums in Western Europe.

Museum of Communism in Prague, Czech Republic

There are similar museums in many countries that have had a socialist period in their history. All of them are ambiguous, a little pretentious, often not too objective. The Prague Museum is small in size but very rich in content. Mostly western tourists visit it, for them, in fact, it is organized.

Sternberg Palace in Prague, Czech Republic

The national gallery, which contains all the masterpieces that the country has, is everywhere. In Prague, the gallery does not fit in one room, so the parts are scattered in different buildings. One of the most interesting parts is the Sternberg Palace on the territory of Prague Castle.

Kafka Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

The museum of the most mysterious and gloomy writer of the 20th century grew out of a simple exhibition, which did not even appear in the Czech Republic. It was open in Barcelona. Then she traveled for a long time, as if in search of her place. Finally, in 2005, the exhibition arrived in Prague. And stayed here. It is not known how much ...

Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the largest presidential residences in the world today is open to visitors. For ten centuries this fortified city rises above the Vltava. During this time, many architectural masterpieces appeared here, in addition, all the main treasures of the Czech Republic are stored here.

Kampa Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the youngest museums of modern art opened a year later than planned. Flood prevented. Now the museum on the bank of the Vltava River, south of the famous Charles Bridge, attracts crowds of tourists with its unusual and extraordinary collection of works of art.

Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav

The museum of one of the oldest automobile factories producing famous Skodes is located in the small town of Mladá Boleslav, north of Prague. You can get to the town either by train from the central railway station of Prague, or by bus from the Cerny Most bus station. The journey does not take more than one hour. You do not need to search, 2 minutes from the station and you are there.

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