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Museums in the USA

Museums in the USA

Death Museum, Los Angeles, USA

One of the most controversial and non-standard museums in the world was created in 1995. The founders of the institution dedicated his death in all its manifestations.

National Museum of the American Indian in New York

Despite the fact that today the National Museum of the American Indian is a structure with three branches, of which the central one is in Washington, its New York branch is the first museum, which became the basis of the entire National Museum. And still it is called the center of George Gustav Hay - by the name of its founder.

Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum in New York

31 years of military experience in the US Navy. World War II, kamikaze attacks, torpedoing - all this was in the history of this honored ship. The aircraft carrier "Interpid" was launched on August 16, 1943 and, having served until 1974, was decommissioned and subject to dismantling, but thanks to the initiative of Zakaria Fisher, a millionaire and philanthropist, the ship had a different fate. Now this warship, parked at pier number 86 in New York, has become an aerospace and naval museum, and was officially opened to visitors in 1982.

Roerich Museum in New York

There are not many visitors - a little more than 200 people a week. Taxi drivers need to provide an address to get here. In this five-story mansion is an oasis of light, on it is an inscription: “Roerich Museum”. And then - a symbol of the Banner of Peace. Here now is what remains of the 29-story skyscraper of the Roerich Institute and the museum, which housed over 1000 of his paintings.

Madame Tussauds Museum, New York

The history of these museums begins in Paris in the workshop of Dr. Phillip Curtis, a specialist in making wax copies of people. He taught Maria Tussauds how to work with wax. Soon she surpassed the master in the art of making copies, and after the death of Dr. Curtis in 1794, inherited his entire collection. During the French Revolution, in 1802, she had to move to England, as it turned out, forever. Here, on the famous Baker Street in London, and was opened in 1835, the first Madame Tussauds Waxworks.

Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York

Well-worn phrase "New York - a city of contrasts!" involuntarily pops up in memory at the sight of the unusual building of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. Its history began long before 1937, when the rich gold miner and industrial tycoon Robert Guggenheim retired and took up the world of beauty - became a philanthropist, creating a special fund of his name.

National Air Force Museum

The U.S. Air Force Museum has many different galleries, which we will look at in detail in this article. In total, the museum has 360 aerospace vehicles, many rockets, most of which are of historical value, as well as thousands of no less valuable objects that were on board aircraft. Let's move on to the exhibitions.

Jefferson Memorial Museum (Monticello Palace), USA

Monticello Palace, which was very well located in Virginia, today is perhaps the only building in the United States that is honored to be on the UNESCO list. The Palace itself has existed since 1923 and receives visitors, but already as a museum named after Thomas Jefferson (the third president of the United States).

Aviation Museum Aircraft of Glory, USA, Chino

This incredible and interesting museum dedicated to aviation was opened by Edward T. Maloney. He was born and raised in the city of Pomona in the 30s of the 20th century and was surrounded everywhere by airplanes. At that time, Southern California was the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. Conveyor, Woolty, Lockheed, Douglas, North American, and many other small companies were located in this region.

Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, USA

The goal of the famous Museum of the National Naval Aviation, which is located in the city of Pensacola, in the official branch of the Naval Museum, is a mission that can be called with just one phrase - “the selection, preservation and full-fledged exhibition of all historical artifacts, collecting items related to the history of all naval aviation. ”

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