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Where better to relax

Where better to relax

What does Amsterdam offer tourists in December

If you are planning to visit the freest city in December, then the visit program should be worked out and planned in advance. It's all about the weather: continuous rain and air temperature from zero to five degrees Celsius. Worse than the weather and hard to imagine. Walking along the canals and winding streets will not bring much pleasure.

My Golden Moscow: how to spend two days off in the capital and not go broke?

Everyone knows that Moscow is an expensive city. But how to spend two days off in the capital without any special losses for the wallet - far from all. Every day, the metropolis offers a variety of entertainment that will not cost a single ruble, and you can get great pleasure!

Spend a weekend in St. Petersburg: where to go, what to see, where to have dinner?

The northern capital of Russia has long been firmly associated among tourists with architectural masterpieces, the richest museums and exhibition halls. However, like any metropolis, St. Petersburg is ready to offer guests much more. But not all interesting objects are indicated in numerous guidebooks and brochures that are written for those who visit the city of Petra for the first time. Such colorful booklets rarely take into account the needs of those who come here with children, or a noisy youth company. And St. Petersburg entertainments themselves are able to satisfy the most intricate needs and tastes of city guests.

Holidays in Italy in December: holidays, tours, prices

Italy has always been the most visited country by tourists. In ancient times, almost every resident of Europe, Western Asia and North Africa dreamed of visiting Rome, to say nothing of the 21st century!

Holidays in Finland in December: bathhouse, resorts, prices

This respectable and well-to-do neighbor of Russia is ready to offer tourists in December very understandable and close vacationers' values: a bathhouse, skiing, fishing. Each component of this simple Finnish scheme is filled with special warmth, originality and a European level of quality.

Holidays in China in December: resorts, monasteries, photos, prices

China is far from the most popular destination for mass domestic tourists, but this is clearly temporary. In the last decade, more and more compatriots are sent to the Middle Kingdom to get acquainted with an exotic, deep and surprisingly elegant culture.

Holidays in Germany in December: resorts, prices, photos

Germany is not only the largest and most populous country in Europe, it is also a few completely different cultures and mentalities. Therefore, choosing this country as a place for your winter vacation, think about what you would like to see here and how to spend time.

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