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Museums in Sweden

Museums in Sweden

Millesgarden, Stockholm, Sweden: photos and description

The most unexpected experience in the capital of Sweden can be obtained from visiting the wonderful Millesgarden sculpture garden. It is located on the Kherserud rock in the north-eastern part of Stockholm on the island of Liding.

Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden

In the world there is a variety of forms for the artistic display of the inner world of man. One of these phenomena is contemporary art. In the last century, the approach to the artistic embodiment of their ideas by artists underwent dramatic changes. New revolutionary ideas appeared that were contrary to established classical forms.

Tom Tit Museum of Physical Experiments, Stockholm

The museum of physical experiments of Tom Tit in Stockholm can be called a cognitive and accessible scientific encyclopedia. It contains 610 working experimental layouts. The museum is located on a total area of ​​16 thousand square meters. m. The location of this "scientific miracle" is a suburb of the capital of Sweden called Södertälje.

Museum of the Middle Ages in Stockholm, Sweden

The main difference of the Museum of the Middle Ages in Stockholm is not its exposure, but its location. Finding him in the Swedish capital will not be easy, although he is located in the central part of the city. The museum is located under the bridge. Nearby are the Royal Palace and the Opera House.

Livrustkammaren, Sweden, Stockholm

The Swedish Royal Treasury with the mysterious name Livrustkammaren is located in the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Among collectibles there are weapons, outfits, jewelry, and even carriages. All this hints at the imperial origin of the antiquities exhibited on public display, which are still preserved in magnificent form. All exhibits Livrustkammarin previously belonged to the royal dynasty of Sweden. They are associated with the military successes of the country and the monarchical system. Founded in 1628 by King Gustav Adolf I.

Stockholm History Museum

In Sweden, all museums have a very clear view, which is why they are so popular with a children's audience. The Stockholm Historical Museum is no exception. In the museum you can, for example, put on a Viking costume.

The Royal Palace museums

For an inexperienced person who has long forgotten that kings, princesses and princes are not only the heroes of beautiful fairy tales, but also the real rulers of quite modern and developed states (though the rulers are very conditional and limited in their power, but does this change something? ?), it will be interesting to get to the museums of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

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