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Museums in Stockholm

Museums in Stockholm

This is not to say that the Swedish capital is replete with museums. But you must admit that 70 storages of the past with very different contents, material supply and the level of technical equipment are more than enough for a city with a little more than 800 thousand people. Among the museums of Stockholm there are three that stand out from a number of fairly traditional institutions: Skansen, Vasa, Unibaken:

  1. Skansen provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of the country, nation, individual regions. This ethnographic museum is one of the most famous historical and ethnographic centers in Europe.

  2. Vasa is an example of how only one exhibit (a sunken warship) can serve as an excuse for creating a large museum that reveals the whole history of the shipbuilding and marine life of the Swedes for several centuries.

  3. Unibaken - will allow you to plunge into the completely unreal, bright, cheerful and fair world of books by Astrid Lindgren.

The museums of the royal palace, national galleries, historical museums of the capital of Sweden are quite traditional, although their technical equipment and non-standard presentation will impress every visitor.

The Nobel Museum is popular here, as well as a number of small and highly specialized institutions: the Butterfly Museum, the Dance Museum, the Museum of the Court Theater and others.

All museums in Stockholm must have at least one day a week when access to them is free. Good savings because admission to Swedish museums cannot be called low or symbolic.

Another opportunity to save money is to buy a tourist discount card that allows you to visit many places for free, and at the entrance to some get a tangible discount.

Discount cards provide some customers (expensive) to their customers, you can buy such a card on ferries going to Stockholm, there is also the opportunity to purchase tours that include visits to the most popular establishments.

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