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“New Rome. Castle of the Holy Angel ", Sylvester Feodosievich Shchedrin - description of the painting

“New Rome. Castle of the Holy Angel

New Rome. 89 x 63 cm

The artist lived not far from the place he depicted in the picture, and had the opportunity to observe this inspiring view of creative exploits on a daily basis. This work marks a turning point in the work of Shchedrin - it employs techniques that are not characteristic of his early creations.

In the foreground are the dilapidated houses of the poor. They are located near the Tiber River. Despite the fact that old age caused them considerable damage, the houses look well-groomed. However, time takes its toll and ruins the efforts of residents to maintain the tidiness of their homes.

Nearby are the boats owned by the owners: some of them are prepared for sailing, others are empty.

On the shore, people do their daily business, not paying attention to the turbid stream of the Tiber. The smallest details of the life of the peasants are depicted - this adds to the work of realism and distinctness.

Judging by the fact that the sky looks high and has a cool color scheme, in the picture we see an early morning, breathing freshness.

In the background are the buildings of the "old" Rome. St. Peter's Basilica, as well as the Castle of St. Angel, depict Roman greatness remaining in the past.

The castle of the Holy Angel in ancient times was used as the tomb of Roman rulers. After some restructuring, he was turned into a fortress, and after a while - into a prison.

You can get to the castle through the bridge of Sant'Angelo, which appeared thanks to the efforts of ancient architects. Upstairs is a statue of the Archangel Michael, who, according to legend, appeared here before the Pope during the plague.

The settlement of the inhabitants, which does not look so magnificent and impeccable, expresses the idea of ​​an emerging new life: it does not matter whether it is better or worse than the old one - victory will definitely be for it. The combination of the permanent and the transient, the sublime and the ordinary is the technique that gives originality to this canvas.

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