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“Bookstores on the Spassky bridge in the 17th century”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - description of the painting

“Bookstores on the Spassky bridge in the 17th century”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - description of the painting

Bookstores on Spassky Bridge in the 17th century - Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 49 x 66 cm

Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, enthusiastically studying archeology and history, in love with old Moscow, recreated its appearance in a large cycle of paintings. Thanks to him, we can imagine what it used to be, to see buildings that have not survived to our days, such as this Spassky bridge.

XVII century. Summer sunny day. White fluffy clouds are floating in the high blue sky. The sun's rays brightly illuminate the high snow-white walls with narrow loopholes in the upper galleries, powerful quadrangular towers under the wooden tent roofs.

A wide brick bridge with powerful supports, built through the Alevizov moat, filled with water, leads to the gates of the Spasskaya Tower.

Leaning over the parapet, two townspeople recklessly catch fish in it, throwing long fishing rods into the still gray-green expanse of water.

Raised up a massive green grille, which closes the entrance to the Kremlin. Above it on the wall hangs a large gate icon under a green gable roof, decorated with a cross.

Small log bookstores are crowded along the bridge, wide shutters are lowered down, allowing you to see books and popular prints for sale. At the nearest counter, one of the books attracted the attention of a noble city dweller, and a little boy was drawn curiously to the other. A young guy in a white embroidered shirt bought several luboks.

Next to them, revealing a large volume, the boyars are arguing about something, dressed in rich brocade caftans, shod in patterned boots. Listening to their conversation, bending under the weight of the basket, a man walks past in a dark cherry zipuna, gray ports and bast shoes.

Books are bought by representatives of different classes: noble nobles, poor people, warriors - everyone can find reading to their liking. The place was chosen very well, on the way to the Kremlin, and trade is going well. And if someone is hungry, they next sell kalach in a wicker basket and kvass.

The artist recreates a small piece from the life of old Moscow, very accurately conveying historical details: wooden sidewalks and pavements, small churches standing along the moat, styles of clothes and hats, uniforms and weapons of the archer.

Pure, cheerful colors of clothes - juicy green, warm yellow, rich burgundy, deep dark blue - look bright spots against the background of pastel delicate olive-beige-shades of buildings and pinkish-white paint on the walls. They create a joyful, high spirits.

You can admire this picture for a long time, looking at the details, find out familiar places, feeling a sense of pride in your homeland.

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