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"Spring", Victor Borisov-Musatov - description of the painting

Spring - Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov. 71 x 98 cm

The nineteenth century is drawing to a close. They are searching for new styles and new directions, the main task of which is the transfer of their feelings and emotional experiences. The works are filled with bright sadness about the past time, dreams of unreal beauty, dreams of perfect harmony.

A striking representative of this trend among artists was Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov, distinguished by his unique, distinctive style of writing. The painting "Spring" begins a new stage in his work, and now only female images will be present in his works.

A clear spring morning. Pale coral reflections on light, weightless clouds gradually lighten, giving way to pure azure of the sky. In the sunlight, the walls of the noble house softly glow with the warm pinkish-orange color, because of the juicy fresh greenery of the tall lilac bushes, the blue windows of the windows in terracotta frames look out. The blooming garden next to the estate is still in the shade. Thin branches of cherries and apple trees are almost hidden under white flowers, and only on the tops of the first leaves began to blossom.

The trees seem to be decorated with exquisite snow-white lace, shimmering with the most delicate shades of cream, white-blue, pale lilac flowers. Dark brown trunks are lost in the dense young grass, green carpet covering the ground. Among the emerald, malachite, bluish-green blades of grass you can see soft inflorescences of primroses and fluffy hats of dandelions on thin legs. Not the slightest breeze. Honey aroma is spreading in the cool morning air, you can hear the bees buzzing and the birds chirping.

A young woman walks slowly through the garden. Turning away from the viewer, she admires the lush flowering. The colors of her light white-lilac dress resonate with shades of blossoming flowers. Soft folds of a wide skirt emphasize the fragility of a slim figure. A deep neckline trimmed with a narrow frill reveals beautiful shoulders. Curls of shiny dark brown hair are laid in an intricate hairstyle, pearl beads flicker on a flexible neck. The only bright spot in the picture is a red shawl, lowered from the shoulders.

The work is very chamber, its entire space is limited to a small corner of the garden. There are few colors in the artist’s palette: light, clear halftones of green, white and peach fill the image with light and air. The master transfers the play of light and shadow with small, light strokes, creates a feeling of airiness and fragile tenderness. And only the dark green color of the spruce makes an alarming note in the image.

There is no plot in the picture - everything is subject to a single plan. A captured moment - a wonderful world around, cherished dreams and the expectation of happiness. But in the quiet charm of a spring morning, we feel a note of sadness, reminding us that the beauty of this world is short-lived, it escapes, leaving behind a bright sadness about unfulfilled.

This canvas rightfully takes its place among the masterpieces of Russian painting.

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