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“On a swing”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

“On a swing”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

On a swing - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko. 58 x 40 cm

The painting by Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko “On the Swing” was first presented at the Traveling Exhibition of 1889. It depicts a soldier riding on a swing and a maid, whom he expertly cares for.

Events take place in Kaluga province on Spirits Day - a very important Christian holiday, associated in Russia with many preserved pagan rites. It was believed that on the night on the eve of the Spirit of the day, the Holy Spirit descends to the earth and spreads into houses and fields.

The fact that the maid, who calmly accepts signs of attention, and the soldier who is caring for her with perfected art, have joined now, it is no coincidence. Indeed, love (and simple human love is higher than lofty and out of place heroic) - this is the Holy Spirit, the descent of which is eagerly awaited on this holiday.

The author emphasized the captivating simplicity: we see that the maid is sitting, as if nothing had happened, eating seeds, and the soldier, not a bit discouraged, continues to try to charm her.

But behind this simple love game you can see that bright, joyful feeling that is familiar to everyone who was in love.

It also leads to certain thoughts that the couple on a swing is depicted against the sky. One observes a sublime, heavenly context of what is happening.

The picture is a frame snatched from the hours of a holiday filled with fun.

Fun, love, Holy spirit, deity. The picture evokes the brightest feelings in the viewer. From their awakening, it’s not far from a complete internal transformation that changes life so that the good and the beautiful come forward, and all that is evil and selfish remains far behind.

It is safe to say that the author, whose impeccable moral character was noted by many, wanted to achieve just that.

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