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"Old parents at the grave of his son", Vasily Perov - description of the painting

Old parents on the grave of his son - Vasily Grigorievich Perov. 42 x 37.5 cm

Perov is an excellent master of genre and portraiture. Each of his characters is realistic, truthful, characteristic and always with the expression of feelings and emotions.

His painting about old parents based on the famous novel by I. S. Turgenev “Fathers and Sons” is also saturated with special sympathies. This novel made a huge impression on the minds of progressive people, especially since it was written during the period of the great reforms. Under the influence of the plot about the nihilist Bazarov, the painter Perov turned out to be, which resulted in a sad and wise canvas about old parents on the grave of his son.

In the cemetery, near the grave of his son, two old people are depicted with their backs to the viewer. But, thanks to the great talent of the author, there is no need to show their faces.

In their drooping, hunched figures all the feelings of the parents who buried their child are expressed. The nature surrounding people is not bright, in muted tones, but not gloomy. She is serene and eternal. The landscape was written out by the author as realistically as possible - every detail of the composition, every blade of grass and a branch.

Judging by the grave that is already overgrown with grass and trees, the son was buried for a long time. Once the inconsolable grief of the elderly turned into quiet sadness and submission to that unjust but inevitable fate that was destined for them all. The young man - to lie in the ground, and the elderly - to survive without a single support in their life.

But, nevertheless, in this dramatic and sad story, the artist depicted the figures of old men full of inner dignity. And also full of love for his sinful, rebellious, passionate, but with a big heart and kind to people, his son.

Interestingly, at the beginning of his plan, the painter wanted to show his parents facing the viewer. Father with his head bowed low, and his mother kneeling near the grave. But then, he changed his mind, and the picture became known precisely in this version.

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