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“Breakfast of the aristocrat”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

“Breakfast of the aristocrat”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

Breakfast of the aristocrat - Pavel Andreevich Fedotov. 51 x 42 cm

The plot for this picture was chosen under the impression of reading a humorous story in which the life of one poor aristocrat was described. Another name for the work is “Breakfast on the table”.

The picture shows a young man eating food at a table. In front of him lies a loaf of bread, on the table is a blue table lamp. Under the table on a chic carpet there is a wicker vase. The atmosphere in the room is lush, it blows luxury. The interior is filled with different wonders. On the wall are paintings, a mirror and a candlestick. The soft, green armchair on which the owner sits carries royal splendor. On the next chair is a newspaper with the words "Oysters."

A young man is wearing a white shirt, a blue silk robe, wide red trousers and yellow slippers. On his head is a turban, the clothes of the master. During the morning breakfast, something alarmed him and distracted him from eating. He did not wait for guests in the morning. On the man’s face, confusion, he had not yet chewed his food and hid a piece of food behind his cheek. The aristocrat wants to have time to cover the bread with a book. In the morning he was already enjoying the wonderful literature.

There is no guest figure in the picture, only his coat and gloved hand are visible, pushing the curtain back. Apparently, a neighbor decided to visit him in the morning to tell about city news. The white poodle spins at the entrance to the room, joyfully meeting him.

The canvas is painted in dark gray tones, using green, red, raspberry and blue colors. The brush master clearly distinguished contrasts in his artwork. He worked on it with great pleasure. The work was just colossal. Fedotov masterfully conveyed in his creation all the beauty of things and the material world.

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