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“Winter morning”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar - description of the painting

“Winter morning”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar - description of the painting

Winter morning - Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar. 80 x 80.5 cm

The canvas surprises with its snow-white beauty! The picture dazzles with the magnificent splendor of a winter frosty morning! She gives wonderful impressions, positive and good mood.

In the foreground of the artistic composition are trees covered with snow and blue hoarfrost. Around them, winter spread its soft, white carpet. The forest is buried in its fabulous idyll. Igor Grabar wrote this beautiful masterpiece after a morning walk. He really loved the winter season. He was fascinated by nature, asleep under her fabulous, magic veil. In these stories, a talented artist saw many interesting things. He was a very observant person.

The morning in the winter forest struck him with its unusualness. The sun, peering out from behind the clouds, shone with its rays a forest clearing and trees. Everything is flooded with sunlight. Visually you feel the breath of fresh frosty air. The picture echoes Pushkin’s work “Winter Morning”.

The canvas is simply mesmerizing. The artist managed to convey in his work all the beauty and harmony of nature. He used elements of impressionism in it. The picture looks like a "living". The fluffy twigs on the trees froze in their splendor. The master of the brush made strokes of white paint, "showering" them with snow. The brush lay on the canvas smoothly, calmly, thoughtfully. Blue color goes well with blue, white and yellow colors. The artist skillfully conveyed all harmonious combinations of tones and shades. The trees stand as if covered with a lacy downy shawl. The forest seems fantastic!

In the background are snow-covered trees and shrubs, from them blue shadows fall on the snow. Spruce, birch and aspen, like skillfully sewn lace, flaunt in the middle of the forest. Among their branches you can see the sky. It is bright, radiant, illuminated by the sun's rays. Nature gives a real fairy tale. Only the brilliant artist I.E. Grabar was able to create such an incredible picturesque landscape! An artistic masterpiece permeates through with its miraculous light.

It seems that the fabric is woven and embroidered with multi-colored woolen threads. Winter morning will captivate with a warm, bright light. He slips through the trunks of snowy trees, falls in the snow and beckons into the distance. I want to go into this world, admiring nature. Large snowdrifts lie beneath the trees; there was probably heavy snowfall at night. There are no tracks or paths in the snow. There is silence in the forest. The artist contemplated all this beauty in the early morning. He was one with the world of the universe. All these extraordinary plots were imprinted in his mind, and every moment was unforgettable.

The picture is of great value. She is brilliant and unique. Igor Grabar worked on its creation with great inspiration. He invested in her his feelings, thoughts, emotions and sensations. Nature helped him create a wonderful creation. You can contemplate the picture endlessly, each time finding new words to describe it. The mastery of the creator is commendable.

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