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“Beautiful Ferroniera”, Leonardo da Vinci - description of the painting

“Beautiful Ferroniera”, Leonardo da Vinci - description of the painting

Beautiful Ferronier - Leonardo da Vinci. 63 x 45 cm

Only four female portraits of the brush of the great master of the High Renaissance came to us. The most bewitching and poetic of them is The Beautiful Ferroniera.

The past centuries have not preserved the name of the girl in the picture, but they believe that it is Lucretia Crivelli, the lover of Lodovico il Moro, Duke of Milan.

The young woman calmly poses for the artist, turning to him three quarters. Very carefully, with small inconspicuous strokes, the master imposed the thinnest layers of paint on each other, trying to catch the smallest nuances of color shades, or rather convey the game of chiaroscuro.

And a miracle happened - a living girl is sitting in front of us. Beautiful, young, strict. Widely open expressive eyes carefully peer at someone standing behind the artist. A fixed, reserved look in which an unexpressed question is read. Soft, velvety skin shines softly, a light pale pink blush lies on the cheeks, light coral graceful lips are tightly closed. Subtle dark eyebrows emphasize the beautiful cut of the eyes. Dark brown hair, laid in a smooth hairstyle, soft wave frame the girl's face, covering her ears.

A gemstone in a figured frame on a lace tied at the back adorns a clean forehead. Such pendants were called feronier, maybe because of this detail they gave the name to the picture? A necklace of long narrow beads, tied with a graceful knot below the neckline, surrounds a slender neck in three rows.

A red dress with golden-red narrow inserts from expensive heavy velvet shimmers with ruby ​​and crimson colors. An olive-bronze floral ornament fades dimly on the brown finish of the square neckline. Dim honey flares lie on a narrow twisted cord sewn along the edge of the braid. Thin silk ribbons of coffee and deep chocolate shades connect the cuts on the sleeves of the dress.

The texture of the fabric is conveyed so real that it seems to reach out and you will feel the coolness of slippery silk, the softness of velvet, the convex surface of the embroidery. The black background emphasizes the warm vibrant glow of the skin, almost imperceptible transitions of color nuances from creamy golden to pinkish-peach. The gray stone of the parapet separates her and the audience.

There is no hint of a smile on the serious face, although the corners of the lips are delightfully curved. Despite the static posture, she is full of life, self-confidence and inner strength.

We are delighted with the skill of Leonardo da Vinci, who was able to show the rich spiritual world, living emotions of a person behind external calmness. "Beautiful Ferroniera" rightfully takes its place among the masterpieces of world painting.

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