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“Wonderful catch”, Anton Pavlovich Losenko - description of the painting

“Wonderful catch”, Anton Pavlovich Losenko - description of the painting

A wonderful catch - Anton Pavlovich Losenko. Oil on Canvas 159.5 x 194 cm

A magnificent art masterpiece was written in 1762 by A. Catherine II and acquired a canvas for the Imperial Hermitage.

In the center of the composition is depicted Jesus Christ. He stands out among others by the color of his clothes and a golden glow around his head. His wise and calm gaze radiates goodness, body, love for humanity. Standing on the seashore in a boat, he watches people pulling a net of fish out of the water. Their work is hard and beautiful, because they caught so many fish to feed their families. A woman and a child take part in this lesson. They help men in their work.

Around Christ, the people gathered to see a miracle. It happened at his command. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus entered Peter's fishing boat to preach from it, and then told the fisherman and his friends to drop the nets. God's word has been fulfilled! All nets were filled with large fish. Jacob and John from another ship came to their aid. The fishermen were delighted and surprised! Peter knelt before Christ and heartily thanked him for this. Other fishermen began to drag the net from the water to the shore.

The picture is a pleasant experience. It reflects a wonderful religious plot. The artist worked on it with inspiration. The old people are fascinated by the Savior and listen to him. They believe that Christ will bring the best to the people. People like to be near the Lord. With him, they feel reliable, confident, in complete safety.

The work is transferred in cold and warm colors. It contains shades of dark green, yellow, pink flowers. They harmoniously combine with each other, giving the picture a special artistic flavor. The canvas pleases the audience and brings them deep faith.

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