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"Moskvoretsky bridge", Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

Moskvoretsky bridge - Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon. 167.5 x 62.5 cm

This painting is of great value not only as a work of art, but also as a monument that has preserved for us the architectural appearance of old Moscow and its everyday life in all realities.

The horizontally elongated, not so big picture contains a huge number of characters, objects and architectural details. This is a panorama of Moscow in the first decade of the twentieth century with a view of the Kremlin from the Moskvoretsky bridge, on the opposite side of the river.

This is a very bright, multi-color and multi-figure watercolor, which captures the simple life of a big city with almost photographic accuracy. The picture shows winter or the very beginning of spring, because the ice on the river is not continuous - there are barges frozen in at the embankments, but it is clear that the layer is thin, the water is visible. This is also emphasized by the dirty, trampled and ragged snow on the bridge, over which a huge number of pedestrians, a loaded sleigh, coachmen with riders, covered carriages and even a pretty red tram - the famous "Annushka" are moving into the city.

Moskvoretsky bridge was one of the main trade arteries, because it led to the center of the capital and to the shopping arcade. It was rebuilt in 1935, so paintings reflecting the real look of the city of that period are extremely important for historians and archaeologists.

This image is a real puzzle for the viewer. It can be viewed for hours, because it is not just a stopped moment - it is personal stories associated with each of the characters. There are a lot of them, they belong to different social layers, so the picture carries so much information.

The picturesque side of the work is also impressive. This is a colossal work in which the artist's undoubted pictorial gift was manifested. With all its multicolor, it does not seem motley, it looks organically, whole and very interesting.

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