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“Winter sun”, Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

“Winter sun”, Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

The winter sun - Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon. 153 x 105 cm

In this picture, a simple landscape was chosen, but a very complex and rarely seen perspective - the artist and with it the viewer is directly opposite the setting sun. Its rays “beat” towards the gaze, but do not interfere with it, because they are crushed in orderly rows of trunks of very tall trees and massive paws of dark and gloomy fir trees.

The artist was very fond of Russian nature, so he knew how to present the simplest landscapes in such a way that they literally fascinated the beholder. And this picture also uses the simplest everyday motive: peasants from a nearby village collect brushwood in the winter forest for heating houses.

The image is presented in such a way that it seems to be higher than the viewer's eye level. The artist is at the bottom of the hillside, and tall trees and characters are at the top, on a hill, almost on the horizon. Thanks to such an artistic technique, a horse with a cart full of brushwood, and a man collecting it in the snow in a bundle, appear almost black in the back light. They clearly loom on a light background of snow and the winter sky.

Slender trees without leaves seem lacy, this feeling is supported by rare fluffy clouds in a pale sky. In contrast, dark spruce trees serve as a backdrop for the delicate and fragile beauty of bare branches, but do not add gloom to the canvas, because it uses quite bright and rich colors.

The whole charm of this landscape lies in the contrasting of the warm golden-orange rays of the sun breaking through the trees and the cold blue-blue shadows cast by trunks and branches on the snow. Due to the original composition of the painting, they diverge as a fan, which deepens the perspective and makes the canvas more voluminous, filled with air and space.

This painting has a pacifying property, attracts to itself and is the best praise of the artist’s talent.

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