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“Radonitsa (Before Mass)”, Abram Efimovich Arkhipov - description of the painting

“Radonitsa (Before Mass)”, Abram Efimovich Arkhipov - description of the painting

Radonitsa (Before Mass) - Abram Efimovich Arkhipov. 58 x 114 cm

A wonderful artwork was written by A. Arkhipov! The canvas "Radonitsa (Before Mass)" is written in the style of realism, according to the plot of the genre scene.

The gifted artist vividly and talentedly depicted a church holiday on the canvas - rural Radonitsa. This is the day of remembrance of the dead, when people who pass away are revered for the joy of the blessed Christ Sunday. Spring Radonitsa is celebrated after Easter. Easter commemoration of the departed, as the joy of the resurrection of Christ.

The brush master depicted the locals before dinner at the church. Some people are sitting on benches and talking, while others are seated in a semicircle on the grass, placing baskets of meals around them. An old, gray-haired clergyman sits on a bench by the stone wall of the chapel. Resting, he lowered his head and thinks about the upcoming day, services and traditions. A small cemetery is visible in the distance. People came to the churchyard and brought various dishes. On such a day, it is customary to leave red eggs and other treats for the souls of the dead at graves.

The picture is flooded with sunlight. The artist worked on it very hard. In the work he used bright and wide strokes, light tones and shades. The master of the brush strove to revive the work with such an amazing coloring of colors, conveying a bright divinity. During the creation of the picture, he experienced an unusual emotional outburst, conveying his feelings and feelings to the canvas.

The picture gives the light of life, kindness, faith and love. Looking at her, I want to think, thinking about the meaning of life and the eternity of being. It gives religious feelings, inspiring piety and purity of thoughts. The artwork will look great in the home interior of the living room, study, training centers.

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