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"Parade on Red Square", Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

The parade on Red Square is Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon. 84 x 116 cm

There are many ways to depict war. But sometimes an image devoid of external emotionality can tell much more about the tragedy and power of the people.

This painting also refers to such paintings. It depicts Red Square with a military parade taking place on it in honor of the day of the revolution during that terrible period for the country, when the enemy almost crept close to the capital. Right from the parade, tanks, other weapons, soldiers, officers and people's militias went to the front to defend their homeland and save their families.

There is no dynamics in the image, because the clear rectangles of the soldiers' construction emphasize the gloomy determination of the country's sons and daughters to defend their independence and the right to life. The dire environment in which this parade took place is emphasized by the lead-gray low clouds that personify the threat looming over the country. But the red walls of the Kremlin, its ancient architectural monuments, which survived more than one invasion, seem to serve as confirmation that no enemy can resist such a united and strong people.

Individual figures on the canvas are almost impossible to consider. This artistic technique has been used for a reason - this is a great way to demonstrate the unity of a nation that has become one in resisting a daring and formidable enemy.

Despite the fact that at that moment the Soviet Union suffered one defeat after another, defending every inch of its native land with blood and battles, the determination to defend its right to life inspires pride and confidence that tomorrow will be victorious. A country, which, contrary to everything, is able to unite and demonstrate unbending willpower to the enemy, will never be conquered by anyone.

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