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“The end of winter. Noon ", Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

“The end of winter. Noon

The end of winter. 112 x 98 cm

The picture reflects one of the usual days of the period between the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Logs create a pleasant contrast to the overall cold color scheme of the canvas - they are a warm golden hue, as if heated by sunlight.

The landscape master managed to convey the feeling of the passing winter with a virtuoso image of snow. In the picture, he is loose, "old", noticeably saturated with moisture. The deep shadows in the footprints emphasize its dampness, its readiness to melt and disappear soon. Just a couple of weeks of steady heat, and it will float in streams, revealing the earth yearning for the sun. In the meantime, only a sunny day speaks of the approaching spring, emphasizing the deep blue shadows in the melted snow, and the hens rejoicing in him, pecking cheerfully at something on the trampled path. This once again emphasizes that the street is warm, because the poultry spent the entire cold season locked up in a chicken coop.

Winter will end very soon, so people are trying to make use of its benefits. Skiers try to ride, perhaps the last time this year. But winter is not in a hurry to give up their positions, because around, wherever you look, there is a thick layer of snow. But it is no longer on the trees, which means snowstorms are a thing of the past, because tall spruce trees are green, like in summer. This is emphasized by bluish distances, which also show that in the forests the trees are not covered with snow and are ready for spring to come.

The picture is filled with a sense of peace and quiet, which do not disturb extraneous noise. This is a cozy time when nature seemed to be hiding in anticipation of change. Soon, soon everything will change, but for now there is still time to enjoy the last snow and the opportunity to ski. Winter is still in its right, and will not refuse it without resistance.

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