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“Norwegian fiord”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

“Norwegian fiord”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

Norwegian fiord - Eulert Adelsten Norman.

The artist often comes to his native Norway, although he spends most of his life in Germany. How bewitching the nature of this harsh northern region appears before the viewer, depicted by the author in the film “Norwegian Fiord”.

Panorama of the sea bay on a cloudy day, but with the breaking sun, made in pearl and beige colors, full of overflows and reflections of light on the water, gray halftones from the clouds in the pale blue sky.

Rocks, starting in the left part of the canvas, in a disordered but formidable side, encircle the entire coast and are lost in the foggy distance of the sea. Their tall peaks, covered with eternal snows, majestically rise above the bay. And how small a person may seem in comparison with them.

But the author does not think so. On the canvas, human activity is clearly visible and he is not lost at all against the backdrop of regal nature. The accumulation of houses at the foot of the mountain, a lot of fishing boats, sailing boats for a walk, a smoking pipe from a motor ship sailing far away - all this speaks of the activity of a person who fits perfectly into this picturesque area and feels great in it.

It is known that sometimes Norman used a camera to capture and preserve a particularly beautiful moment on trips. Then, already at home, he transferred the landscape to canvases, using his own special style, mixing different directions of painting - modern, impressionism, classics. But the realistic image of Adelsten Norman's paintings is always impressive. Pebbles, white boulders and an islet of green grass, or fishing nets that are nearby repaired by a fisherman, look very natural in the foreground of the canvas.

The viewer loves the paintings of Norman, because they feel with what inspiration and love the author conveys his feelings from a meeting with the beauty of nature.

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