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Painting “At Lunch (At Breakfast)”, Z. E. Serebryakova - description

Painting “At Lunch (At Breakfast)”, Z. E. Serebryakova - description

“At lunch (At breakfast)” - Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova. 88.5 x 107 cm

A magnificent art masterpiece was created by Z. Serebryakova! She put all the value of her mastery into her work! The plot of the picture "At Lunch" ("At Breakfast") is a domestic scene.

In 1940, an artistic work of art was included in the collection of paintings by the singer Lidia Ruslanova. Zinaida Serebryakova knew how to understand the world of a child. She had four wonderful children from marriage with her cousin Boris Serebryakov: Eugene, Alexander, Catherine, Tatyana. Children loved to pose for her. They were wondering how mom draws them! Zinaida fabulously conjured with a brush and paints, turning a dream into reality! Portraits came to life in front of everyone! There was so much kindness, warmth and sunlight in them! She pleased the outside world with the happiness of her work!

A happy, carefree childhood is skillfully conveyed in the artwork! A group portrait of her children gives earthly divine love! Children are parts of the universe. They are smart, wise, kind and gentle, and can also teach a lot to adults, you just have to listen to the heart of the child, feeling his spiritual purity. Zinaida Evgenievna was a subtle connoisseur of child psychology, knew how to convey the character of each baby on canvas. Here they are, beautiful children's features: Zhenya’s dreaminess and pensive immediacy, Sasha’s sociability and talkativeness, Tanya’s restlessness and curiosity. Everything was mixed into a single channel of their inner, spiritual world!

In the foreground of the picture are Sasha and Tanya (Tata). The boy eats soup from a plate, turning to face his mother, busy with creative work. He wants to communicate and express his thoughts, he has a lot of questions in his head. But he knows mom should not be disturbed. A small tata in a blue dress and a white lace apron, putting her hand on a plate, is surprised to see what is happening. She wants to get off her chair and come closer to her mom painting them.

In the background of the picture is Zhenya sitting at the table. He holds a glass of water in his hands and is full of his dreams! The table is covered with a beautiful, snow-white tablecloth. On it are cutlery, napkins, kitchen utensils. Grandmother (nanny) warmly pours soup on plates.

The picture shows contrasting combinations of blue and white, different shades of brown. The calm tones of color create a peaceful, quiet, homely atmosphere.

Portraits of children in the artist's work occupied a special place. In the early period, she loved to portray peasant children. In them, she was attracted by character, appearance, manners, the formation of personality.

Artwork gives kindness and love. She charges with favorable energy, carries optimism, gives a good mood. The picture will look great in the home interior of the living room and children's room.

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