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“Still life with a silver jug”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

“Still life with a silver jug”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

Still life with a silver jug ​​- Willem Kalf. 65.2 x 73.8 cm

A magnificent artistic masterpiece was written by the Dutch painter Willem Kalf! Still life created in the Baroque style.

Artwork captivates with luxury items of expensive utensils. An exquisite silver jug ​​with a hinged lid and a glass of wine on a gilt stand carry a special style of kitchen interior. Household items are decorated with beautiful fashionable ornaments. They are made by the best masters - foundry Dutch. Crockery fills the atmosphere with grandeur and luxury. Nearby lies a plate with fruits and tree branches, which give the composition a fresh charm of nature. The plate is slightly tilted and the fruits lie freely, filling the space with a delicate citrus aroma. They are nice to behold: juicy, ripe, mouth-watering to taste!

The artist arranged the objects interestingly, in any form, using original color combinations. The overall dark green background of the painting gives the still life a classic rigor and decorativeness. On the table to the right are a pocket watch. They seem to count time and remind of the meaning of earthly being.

The master of the brush talentedly conveyed light effects in the composition of the picture: the bright shine of gold and silver, the azure tint of the plate, the dynamic color contrast of the fruits. Still life seems to be “alive”, I want to pick up objects and touch them. The picture has its own secret and mystery.

Artwork gives beauty, aesthetics, inner harmony, light and goodness. She brings quiet calm, withdrawal into herself, awakening thoughts about eternity. Painting relieves stress, strengthens self-confidence. It will look great in the interior of the living room, bedroom, study.

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