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“Hunters in the Snow”, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

“Hunters in the Snow”, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

Snow Hunters - Peter Brueghel the Elder. 117 x 162 cm

The picturesque art masterpiece "Hunters in the Snow" was written by the Dutch master brush Peter Bruegel the Elder. The landscape genre scene will captivate with the diversity of peasant life, the beauty of alpine nature and the unity of man with the universe. The work is a great creation of world painting.

This picture is one of the best copyright works of a gifted artist. He worked on its creation with great creative imagination, fiction and inspiration! Peter Bruegel worked on it on the order of N. Jongelink, a connoisseur and collector of painting from Belgium. The artwork is included in the cycle of six paintings "The Seasons" and was considered the most brilliant. A reproduction of the painting was included in the plot of A. Tarkovsky’s famous film “Solaris”. She hung in a spaceship and was enthusiastically examined by a girl imagining planet Earth.

The picture shows an alpine village in winter. In it, people go about their business. Everyone has their own worries and life goes on as usual! Peasants are engaged in farming and work. Their life is simple and ordinary. Women bake bread in houses, stoke the stove, darn things, babysit children, rush for brushwood and help husbands do business. On the left side of the picture is a tavern with a sign "At the deer." It depicts Saint Eustathius, the patron saint of hunters. In the village, men are engaged in hunting and fishing. They often go into it to warm themselves with frost and drink a glass of whiskey. In front of the tavern, people make fire. A man and a woman are going to smoke a wild boar and vividly throw straw into the fire. Wild boar was caught by brave hunters and given to merchants. A child stands nearby and watches the work of adults.

In the center of the landscape, the artist depicted the return of hunters with dogs from the forest home. He painted a picture from a hillock, from which you can see the whole area and a white valley under a dark green sky. Tired men, with their hunched backs, move heavily in deep snow. Behind one of them is a shot fox. There will be fresh meat and fur for families!

At the bottom of the valley, a rustic ice rink is poured with azure colors. Children skate, sled, play snowballs and golf. Good winter fun! Nearby frozen river and pond, peasants move on them. Around are houses, a church, a mill. At the bush there is a bird trap. Behind the ice rink, far from the bridge, thick smoke is pouring from the chimney and the house is almost on fire. Villagers run with stairs to help the victims of the fire. A man puts out a fire, fills the fire with water.

Snow-capped mountains are visible behind the village. Their outlines are magical, in pale white tones. Magpies swirl in the air, and birds warmed themselves in the trees.

The artist depicted a wonderful winter landscape! He used a smooth technique of transition from dark tones in the foreground of the picture to light colors in the background, deepening the background of the picture. Peter Bruegel was a brilliant artist-philosopher. He possessed cosmic consciousness and painted pictures in harmony with nature.

A work of painting is good, light, calm, good mood. Contemplating a picture, one can reflect on life. It will look great in the interior of the living room, bedroom, children's room and study.

Watch the video: Bruegel, Hunters in the Snow Winter (November 2021).