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“Still life with a nautilus and a Chinese bowl”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

“Still life with a nautilus and a Chinese bowl”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

Still life with nautilus and a Chinese bowl - Willem Kalf. 79 x 67 cm

A luxurious and chic still life was presented to the world by the Dutch artist Willem Kalf! The painting was painted very picturesquely, in the style of realism.

The plot of the picture captures at first sight. There is expensive tableware on the table: a gilded tray with a Chinese vase and the image on it of embossed male and female figures in oriental clothing, with a lid flung to one side, on the top of which the outline of a lion is noticeable; spoon in a vase; goblet - a nautilus from a fancy sea shell depicting a Buddhist dragon; tall glass with red, shimmering, sparkling wine. The Persian carpet brings rich luxury to the atmosphere of the picture. The beauty of a still life fascinates and leads into the world of dreams and dreams. Oriental style captivates with mystery.

Near the bowl lies a semi-peeled yellow lemon. An orange flaunts with a thin twig on the carpet. In the background, other cutlery is visible. Items are arranged freely and harmoniously. Each of them gives a cozy warmth, aesthetics of everyday life and an original taste. The artist created this still life with great inspiration! In the work, he used lighting effects against the general dark background of the picture. This tactic of work introduces a magical originality into the composition. The objects seem to be “drowning” in the twilight, but it is this design that gives the masterpiece a special artistic magic.

Willem Kalf painted still lifes very gifted. He was a talented and educated person. He had a delicate, elegant taste, he felt the work “through”, introducing extraordinary elements into them. Each of his artistic masterpieces is written brilliantly and uniquely! The picture gives good, peace, tranquility, silence. Contemplating it, I want to be in solitude and reflect on the eternal. It relieves stress, normalizes the psycho-emotional background. The picture will look great in the living room, bedroom and study.

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