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"Christ in the house of Mary and Martha", Friedrich Overbeck - description of the painting

Christ in the house of Mary and Martha - Friedrich Overbeck. 103 x 85 cm

Johann Friedrich Overbeck, the founder of the Nazarene movement, forever remained in the memory of his descendants as the most noble, spiritually rich artist and citizen. His religious painting was appreciated by his contemporaries - it is large-scale, impressive, serious and at the same time romantic and emotional.

An excellent confirmation of this picture, written over 3 years - "Christ in the house of Mary and Martha." The author is very sensitive to the plots, and his writing style is gentle and soft, emphasizes the depth and elevation of this religious scene.

On the canvas of Jesus Christ, he wanders a lot with his followers, apostles. And so they stopped in the small village of Bethany in the house of his friend Lazarus, who has two sisters Martha and Mary.

In the background, in the window opening, his companions are harnessing animals, sitting down to rest after long trips. Everyone in the house joyfully accepts strangers and listens to Christ’s teachings about the salvation of the soul and the first concern for it.

Mary, sitting at Christ's feet, listens with humility and reverence to his words. Martha, resting her hand on her side, blames her sister that while she is preparing refreshments in the kitchen and taking care of placing travelers, Mary is sitting, forgetting about things.

What follows is the answer of Jesus, who does not reproach the girl, but regrets that Martha cares and fusses about a lot, but only one thing is needed - attention and fulfillment of the will of God, as Mary seeks to do this.

And everyone understands this edifying rebuke of Christ. Not so much everyday life, how much more time devote to God, listen and read his commandments. Since life is temporary, but God is eternal. And the blessing that Mary chose - to follow the commandments of God - will remain with her and will never be taken away from her. The beautiful, pacifying work of Overbeck, with painted “Raphael” female faces, will surely leave a trace of true piety in everyone’s soul.

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