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“Winter landscape with skaters”, Hendrik Averkamp - description of the painting

“Winter landscape with skaters”, Hendrik Averkamp - description of the painting

Winter landscape with skaters - Hendrick Averkamp. 77.3 x 171.9 cm

Pictures of the Dutch painter Hendrick Averkamp can always be distinguished from other artists. His light gray, winter gamut of colors and the harmonious fusion of everyday, genre scenes with landscapes can not be confused with anyone.

From the earliest works, which include the painting “Winter Landscape with Skaters”, individualism and recognizability of Avercamp's manner of writing are felt.

The work was done when young Hendrick lived and studied in Amsterdam and was influenced by the Flemish school of painting. But the artist carried his originality and constancy of the plots of paintings through the entire creative path.

Before us is a small picture with a winter landscape. Due to the fact that the author builds the horizon line quite high, a large number of people in the most picturesque poses, houses, trees, the river leaving the clouds, and also creates a wonderful feeling of a lot of fresh, frosty, winter air on a small canvas .

It seems that all the inhabitants of a small town poured out on an ice-bound river: ordinary people, dignified matrons, young couples, and respectable men on the right, grouped into a small company to exchange news, someone even drove on horse-drawn carts, well and, of course, the kids - with clubs, ice skating, sledding.

Here in the left front corner we see aquifers delivering water from an ice hole to a house or to an inn. Further, boats that are used by ice skaters as rest benches frozen in ice. Someone fell in the middle of the river, and good townspeople rush to his aid. Who glides in proud loneliness, and who gathers in “trains” and rolls along the ice in a noisy crowd.

Very realistic, with carefully and painstakingly written down the smallest details, with a joyful feeling of childhood, this is the work of a talented Dutchman.

It’s very interesting to look at the picture slowly, moving from one group of people to another. At the same time, immerse yourself in that era, reflecting and representing the life, life and entertainment of ordinary townsfolk.

Watch the video: Art Bros: Winter Landscape With Skaters Hendrick Avercamp (December 2021).