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“Carpet seller”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

“Carpet seller”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

Carpet seller - Mariano Fortuni. Canvas, oil.

Wonderful and unsurpassed artistic masterpiece created by the gifted painter Mariano Fortuni! The painting "Seller of carpets" captivates the magnificent splendor of the East! It is written in the genre of romantic orientalism.

The brush master worked on the painting with great inspiration. He collected materials on oriental studies. He was interested in oriental culture, its life and traditions. He conveyed the best stories in his paintings. The work is written brightly and expressively, in bright, sunny colors. Color effects energize and give a great mood.

The picture shows the eastern market. Carpets of extraordinary beauty are hanging in the shop. The artist talentedly conveyed their bright, colorful colors. The old seller bent over the carpet, showing the goods to the buyer. A man with a goat examines him with interest. Behind him is a mandolin, apparently he is making music. The assistant seller on the left helps the shopkeeper in the trade. He plays ancient, Arabic tunes on clarinet, creating a pleasant mood for people. The man standing on the right is resting, holding a long stick behind his back. He listens to music and admires fabulous carpets. There is intense heat on the street, the sun is beating. A flock of stray dogs is depicted at the counter. They came here in search of food. The sounds of a musical instrument attract even animals; they listen to it and bask in the sun.

The picture brings light, kindness, optimism, gives a favorable emotional experience, stimulates intellectual abilities and eyesight. Rainbow colors inspire, carry vigor, create a refined, exotic atmosphere. Color tones and scales favor romance and dreams.