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Artist Mariano Fortuni, biography and paintings

Artist Mariano Fortuni, biography and paintings

On June 11, 1838, the talented, gifted artist and orientalist Mariano Fortuni was born. His life was bright and interesting, filled with light, love, kindness, a kaleidoscope of exciting events and a firework of creative inspiration.

Mariano was an orphan. After the death of his parents, his grandfather was engaged in his upbringing. He loved the boy very much and cared for him. Grandfather worked as a carpenter in a workshop, and in his spare time he created wax figures and figurines. Mariano liked his work, and he gladly helped his grandfather to color the items. The boy early showed interest in drawing. He was familiar with a local artist and learned from him painting. Mariano painted vow paintings, painted people, nature, animals. He liked communication with the outside world. He loved to be in solitude, dream, ponder, create!

Young Mariano was attracted to sculpture. At fourteen, he traveled to Barcelona and met the sculptor Talarn, who discovered his many-sided talents in art. Thanks to his patron, the young man received free education at the School of Fine Arts. During his studies, he received a scholarship. With his first money, he went to Rome, where he admired the artistic masterpieces of brilliant painters. Here he continued his education. His extraordinary ability to work was admired by teachers and mentors.

At the age of 21, Mariano Fortuni went to Africa to collect materials that he used in writing a battle painting about the victory of the Spanish troops. He spent about three months in Africa. There, Mariano revealed the gift of a colorist. In this country, he received many vivid impressions, got acquainted with the oriental culture, life, customs and traditions of African tribes, was inspired by exotic nature and discovered a lot of new things. He was captivated by the light and color effects of this amazing country, and every day spent in Africa was unforgettable for him! The East surprised and subdued him. He began to work even harder and harder! Thanks to the eastern country, his talent blossomed, shining with all the colors of perfection. The sun of his work shone, illuminating the soul with inspiration.

The following year, Mariano Fortuni went to Morocco, where he was appointed chronicler at the headquarters of the Spanish expedition. In this journey, the artist discovered a lot of new things. He worked hard, creating sketches and paintings with Arabic subjects, which he painted in oil and watercolor. Mariano devoted much attention to creating engravings on metal.

The brush master spent his whole life in Italy, sometimes visiting Spain and Paris. His work was influenced by his acquaintance with famous painters, portrait painters, sculptors, lithographers. He even copied some of their work. The artist was endowed with a wonderful imagination, and it led him to unexpected and original solutions. Sometimes he used watercolor stains for the background of the painting or took a smoked sheet of paper.

Mariano Fortuni was married. He had a daughter, Maria, and a son, Mariano, named after his father. The artist’s son became a famous fashion designer.

Mariano Fortuny has been created a lot of unsurpassed authorial artwork! He painted oil on wedding ceremonies, churches, nature, travel, oriental motifs and historical subjects. The artist had an interest in antiquity and reflected it in painting. Each creation of the brush master was unique! His masterpieces shine with the clear sun of the Universe, which reflects the life of different eras. Colorful, color combinations bring a bright starfall of art to his paintings, give magical beauty, carry him into a world full of harmony of things. The artist skillfully conveyed his mood, beauty and wealth of the world around him in his work. Everyone admired his paintings!

Mariano Fortuni passed away early. He died of malaria in Rome on November 21, 1874. His works are kept in many museums around the world and are highly recognized by society.

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