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“Sailing”, Joaquin Sorolla - description of the painting

“Sailing”, Joaquin Sorolla - description of the painting

Joaquin Sorolla - Sewing a sail. 222 x 300 cm

The magnificent painting “Sailing Sails” was written by the gifted master of the brush Joaquin Sorolla. It is written in the genre of impressionism, realism and luminism.

The artist was a great worker and painted pictures from morning to late evening. He paid special attention to works on the life of fishermen and marine subjects. The picture depicts the work of a simple village family. Men and women painstakingly work on fixing the sails.

The artwork is done in bright, sunny colors, conveying a cheerful mood. It is filled with light, life, air! The canvas is saturated with summer, warm, radiant colors, diluted with rainbow colors and halftones. Impressionism just shines with a radiant rainbow of artist inspiration!

A huge white fabric, apparently damaged and worn, is spread throughout the entire length of the room. Women carefully put patches on fabrics under the mentorship of men who give them housekeeping advice. Sailing work takes place on the veranda, which is all fragrant with flowers. Sunlight penetrating into the room brings joy to people, ennobles their work. This sail feeds the family. Male miners go out to sea at it for fishing.

The artist painted with a wide brush. He expressed in her a warm, homely, friendly atmosphere, where all family members are united in love and care for the house. Women are good housewives, very hardworking. They love their husbands and help them in their work. Repairing a sail gives people great pleasure.

The picture gives joy, optimism, charges with favorable energy. It helps in the treatment of depression, since the unusual brightness of its colors gives a good mood and improves the psycho-emotional background. The artistic masterpiece will look great in the interior of the living room, bedroom, study and give beauty.

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