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"Verbal counting. At the Rachinsky Folk School ”, Bogdanov-Belsky - description of the painting

Verbal counting. 107 x 79 cm

The creative fate of the Russian painter Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky was unusual. But many of his works can be called textbook. These include the work “Oral Account. At the Rachinsky public school. ”

Perhaps she herself is more famous than the author. In old Soviet textbooks and entertaining books on mathematics for schoolchildren, you can definitely find it.

The canvas is interesting, first of all, by the reality of the characters, many subsequently recognized in them their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

The painting depicts a classroom in a school in the village of Tatevo, Tver Region. The school existed until 1974. Now a local history museum is organized and operates in it.

There is a math lesson, an example for verbal counting is set on the board. The task is already very tricky and all the boys with enthusiasm plunged into its solution.

Ordinary village children in bast shoes and shirts, but how much in their eyes inquisitiveness, excitement, mind.

One of the guys is standing at the blackboard in his mind making calculations. Two on the side to the right are discussing a possible solution. One of the boys probably tells the teacher a ready answer.

Two students in the foreground are especially expressive. “This is the task” - with a gesture of the hand, scratching the back of the head, “the blonde” says the boy at a distance. The expression on the face and the deeply thoughtful look of the first guy suggest that in just a moment the correct answer will be calculated.

Bogdanov-Belsky paints rural children with love and warmth, whom he always considered gifted, sincere and talented.

To the left, near the wall of ashlar logs, a teacher sits. This is a real portrait of the founder of public schools - Sergey Aleksandrovich Rachinsky. The most unique person of his time - from Polish nobles, a professor at Moscow University, a botanist, mathematician, educator, and an enthusiastic teacher - created a public school with a very creative atmosphere, instilling in children the skills of thinking and teaching necessary sciences.

There were not so many sciences, but they also included teaching the Law of God. Rachinsky believed that knowledge of Church Slavonic literacy, church services and singing, gives the key to success in other sciences and in life. Perhaps that is why on the wall we see a reproduction of the icon of the Mother of God and a poster with notes.

But, of course, it was mathematics that was the favorite and the main subject in the educational system in Rachinsky schools.

Bogdanov-Belsky expressed his gratitude to this dear teacher, who played a decisive role in his life, and also captured the simple village children dear to his heart, proving once again that children are always gifted regardless of their origin.

The painting is in the Tretyakov Gallery and people always stop near it. You can’t walk past her just like that. They stop only in order to try to solve the problem from the school board yourself.

By the way, the correct answer to the mathematical charade is very simple - the number two.

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