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“June”, Ben Nicholson - description of the painting

“June”, Ben Nicholson - description of the painting

June - Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson's artwork is a bold step into geometric abstraction. Geometric multi-colored abstraction from rectangles and squares is original and interesting. This amazing composition evokes imagination and imagination. It clearly has an architectural motif. You might think that the master of the brush depicted a house and a staircase with steps in the drawing. The white square symbolizes the spatial arch, the blue and blue rectangles - the columns, the black rectangle - the door, the yellow and brown geometric figures - the floor in front of the door. In another embodiment, we can assume multi-colored steps and a white window in a house of an unusual design.

The picture is dominated by strict classics. Colors, backgrounds and shapes carry aesthetics. The artwork expresses the painting of color fields, reflecting the cosmic rhythms of the universe. Nice to behold the picture. It contributes to calm and relaxation. Disconnecting from all worries and problems, looking at her, you can meditate. It carries psychotherapeutic significance, relieves anxiety, heals from nervous diseases, and charges with favorable energy.

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