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“The Battle of Stamford Bridge”, Arbo Peter Nikolay - description of the painting

“The Battle of Stamford Bridge”, Arbo Peter Nikolay - description of the painting

Battle of Stamford Bridge - Arbo Peter Nicholas.

The Norwegian artist Peter Nicholas Arbo can rightfully be called a historical painter. All his life he was interested in mythology, medieval and ancient history of Norway, Germany, England.

After receiving an art education in Copenhagen, then at the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts, Peter Nikolai leaves for Paris, where in 1870 he created one of his most famous paintings - “The Battle at Stamford Bridge”.

Naturally, such a landmark historical event as the Norwegian invasion of England, which determined to some extent the fate of the Vikings in the English lands, could not remain aloof from the artist.

September 1066 The Norwegian King Harald the Harsh with an army of about seven thousand warriors and a fleet of three hundred ships claims the English throne, and begins the invasion from the north-east of England.

Anglo-Saxon troops led by King Harold Godwinson base their troops in the south of the country.

The Vikings quickly moved forward, easily cracking down on local militias. But soon the main English army came up. Opponents meet at the crossing of the Derwent River, known as the Stamford Bridge or Stamford Bridge.

Arbo's canvas depicts the final scene: the battle lasts all day, the soldiers are tired and fall not only from wounds, but also from fatigue. The Vikings create a ring of shields, swords, spears to reflect and restrain the onslaught of the British.

In the center, Harald Harsh himself. The king has a crown and festive clothes. He without chain mail with a sword fights off enemies. But in the heat of battle, Harald forgets about safety and a ruthless thin arrow pierces his throat.

The Norwegian king is dead. Warriors continue to fight even fiercer, despite the fact that the British proposed a world war, but in the evening the Scandinavians admitted defeat and retreated on only twenty-four ships, promising to never set foot on English lands. Such is the story. And such is the strength of Arbo’s Peter Nicholas talent, when after careful viewing of his beautifully painted picture, I want to learn more about the harsh Vikings, the brave berserks and the mysterious northern fjords.

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