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“Himself, or a game of chess”, Myasoedov - description of the painting

“Himself, or a game of chess”, Myasoedov - description of the painting

Himself, or a game of chess - Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov.

Myasoedov Grigory Grigoryevich outstanding Russian painter, participant and creator of traveling exhibitions of artists. In the years 1907-1908, the 36th exhibition of the Wanderers was held, at which Myasoedov's work “With Himself, or the Game of Chess” was presented.

Grigory Grigoryevich rarely addressed portraits. Its main directions are domestic, genre, historical subjects, giving preference to Russian folk motives. But in his declining years, Myasoedov often paints portraits.

The painting “With Himself, or a Game of Chess” stands apart from all the author’s later works, she has her own long way to the place where she is currently located - in the chess museum.

After the artist’s death in 1911, the painting was sold to an unknown chess lover, then it fell into the collection of a chess expert and collector V. A. Dombrowski, subsequently the painting is considered lost, then it is listed in the funds of the Chess Federation of the Soviet Union and only in 1980 takes its honorable place in the hall of the Chess Museum in Moscow.

It is still not known for certain who is depicted on the canvas of the author. There are several versions. Perhaps these are chess players Petrov A.D. or Major General S. Urusov, or maybe this is a sitter or a portrait of Myasoedov himself, although, according to his contemporaries, he was never interested in chess.

Well, we won’t find out the truth, but if we assume that Grigory Grigoryevich painted himself, then the portrait reflects the internal state, his alternative personality.

He could consider the chess game as an image of his mission in the modern world, which is rapidly changing. A new century has come with technological progress, with changes in the economy and people's lives, such lovely landscapes, peasant patriarchal life, and other themes that once inspired were left in the past. He, as a person is always active, well-educated, creative, witty, is out of work, with a life disorder. Perhaps the state of a devastated soul resulted in a portrait and its name. And the author is right, in fact, “with himself” each person remains at a certain moment in his life.

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