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Farewell, Christian Krog - description of the painting

Farewell, Christian Krog - description of the painting

Farewell - Christian Krog.

The painting "Farewell" was the creative debut of the Norwegian artist Christian Krog. Before the beginning of his career, the master studied law and even intended to become a lawyer, like his father. In parallel with jurisprudence, the future master of painting received an art education: first at the school of Johan Frederic Eckersberg, then at the Royal School of Drawing. Shortly after graduation, in 1876 Krog created this canvas.

The young artist was inspired by the works of Eduard Manet. We can trace this influence in this canvas, where he combined the elements of realism and impressionism. As well as Mane revered by him, Krog liked to use "social" motifs in his canvases. He portrayed different sectors of society - the aristocracy, Bohemia, ordinary workers and peasants, prostitutes and the intelligentsia. This picture describes an episode from family life. The girl says goodbye to her relative. It can be assumed that this girl is leaving to study, or maybe she is emigrating from the country. The artist decided to keep the plot of the picture secret, so that the viewer himself could draw conclusions. One thing is obvious - the girl has to leave her home and start an independent life. In this case, the facial expressions of the heroes of the canvas speaks more than words.

Christian Krog was a follower of naturalism, he adhered to this trend at all stages of his artistic activity. It was important for him to convey chiaroscuro and silhouettes with photographic accuracy and realism. Especially he managed to convey the smallest details of facial expressions. This nuance was atypical for the fine art of that time, since most portrait painters depicted facial expressions as static.

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