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“Interrupted Dream”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Interrupted Dream”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

Interrupted Dream - Francois Boucher. 81.9 x 75.2 cm

The development of art in the Rococo era is closely connected with the name of the famous French artist Francois Boucher. As the brightest representative and loyal fan of this elegant style, in his work, Bush preferred the refined, lofty allegories, delicate landscapes, pastoral and genre scenes.

In the plot depicted in the film “Interrupted Dream”, it is easy to notice the features of the master’s favorite genres: pastoral, landscape and genre scenes.

At the edge of the forest, in the shade of thick trees, a beautiful shepherd was smoothed by midday nap, however, the dream did not last long, a young man had already crept up to the young beauty, who decided to play a trick on the girl by slightly tickling the blade of grass. A flock of sheep grazes on the lawn, and in the distance you can distinguish the outskirts of a small village.

The plot exudes idyllic peace and languid bliss. The images in the picture are traditionally embellished and idealized by the artist. Realism in painting of the Rococo era faded into the background, giving way to exaggerated beauty and impeccable perfection. The cowgirl is depicted in an elegant dress decorated with satin ribbons, her skin shines with tenderness and whiteness of the finest porcelain, and any aristocrat can envy the grace of a girl. The pastoral character of the painting is complemented by a basket full of recently plucked flowers, a cage with a songbird in the branches of a tree and a small decorative dog, quietly waiting for her mistress to wake up.

The canvas is painted in a golden emerald color palette, with the help of which the artist masterfully conveyed the density of the forest shadow, pierced by soft sunbeams. At the same time, Francois Boucher does not forget about his favorite trick: the author complements the even sounding of flowers with bright, colorful accents, for example, a rich and juicy shade of the sky or a scarlet vest of a young man.

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