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“Cooking cakes”, Bartolome Esteban Murillo - description of the painting

“Cooking cakes”, Bartolome Esteban Murillo - description of the painting

Making cakes - Bartolome Esteban Murillo. 165 x 121 cm

Bartolome Esteban Murillo is a Spanish Baroque artist. The author with great love and attention to detail depicted the plots of everyday life. He was interested in people, ordinary citizens. Especially the artist liked to watch people in the process. Labor aroused respect. It could be traders in vegetables, fish cleaners, laundresses, cleaners, artisans.

One of these works was the canvas "Cooking cakes." This is a household picture. The viewer observes the process of baking flat cakes - a traditional Spanish dish. At work, two women. Closer to us is an elderly Spanish woman. Her clothes correspond to the spirit of the time, while neat, clean, but modest, inexpensive. From this we can conclude that she is a servant in a rich house. Most likely, an elderly cook teaches a young assistant to cook their favorite dish.

The girl is modest, she is a little embarrassed, but more for the look to comply with the rules of decency. The girl looks coyly and with interest in the direction of the viewer. Then, as her older friend turned back, as if someone had called out to her. Most likely, this hostess gives instructions, as a woman listens seriously, carefully.

Between cooks is a large cauldron with batter. Ahead is a metal plate heated by the heat of the oven, on which cakes are baked. And behind them is a young man who is dressed a little richer and keeps arrogant. Probably the son of the manager.

The background is slightly blurred. Only the obscure outline of the furnace is guessed. The author deliberately darkened the background so that the faces of the characters looked more realistic. The images of Murillo are always distinguished by lively emotions.

The picture gives the illusion that we looked through the window and saw a real scene from the life of contemporaries of the artist.

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