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“Herodias. Revenge ", Juan Flandes - description of the painting

“Herodias. Revenge

Herodias. Panel oil 75 x 50 cm

The most obvious and undeniable in the life of the Spanish artist Juan Flandes is his legacy, which is an excellent example of Spanish-Flemish Renaissance painting. About the rest, and these are the years of life, and fate, and the creative milestones of the painter, nothing can be said for certain - there is too little evidence. But his few works remained ...

One of them, “Herodias. Revenge ”, written in a famous biblical story. Before us are three heroes: Salome, her mother Herodias and father Herod Boet. In the girl’s hands is a terrible trophy - the severed head of John the Baptist. On Herod's face we see horror, he even slightly retreats into the depths of the picture, trying to unwittingly move away from what he saw. However, Herodias, on the contrary, is not afraid of the head. In her hands is a sharp knife, which she is ready to stick into the tongue of a martyr. The thing is that John condemned the mother of Salome for her profligacy - she had a love affair with her husband’s brother.

In the picture, the influence of the Renaissance aesthetics is clearly felt - these are typical decorations, exaggerated lighting above the table, which exacerbates the tense mysterious atmosphere, expressiveness, outlined forms and well-read monumentality. The presented panel is part of the altar of the Cartesian monastery near Burgos.

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