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"Dreams", Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky - description of the painting

Dreams - Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky. Oil on Canvas, 62.5 x 84.5 cm

The beautiful painting by Konstantin Savitsky cannot but arouse admiration. The author wrote a completely understandable story: a young girl, whose appearance is no more than 16 years old, sits in the classroom, but the heroine’s thoughts are far from boring, serious sciences.

The chalkboard is painted with chalk, notebooks are scattered on the table, books are on the shelves, the globe is crowned with a shelf and there is a heavy tome on the girl’s lap, however, the girl’s face expresses deep thoughtfulness. A frivolous pose, thrown up hands tell the viewer the picture that the girl is immersed in fantasies, dreams. Or maybe the book on her lap is some kind of romance and the girl was captured by sentimental thoughts, or a classic work, such as “War and Peace” and then her thoughtfulness is connected with a lovingly heroic topic .... Savitsky does not leave us clues, offering to dream up on his own. And each viewer has his own, exclusive version!

For the picture, the painter chose a rather dark color. The foreground of the canvas is highlighted by the sun. It’s like a milestone - a serious lesson, training takes place in the shadow of the room, and the sunlit edge, like a world of dreams and relaxation. And the heroine is at the turn. It seems that someone should call the girl, and she will again immerse herself in science. But for now, knowing that no one is watching her, the girl is completely devoted to dreams. Involuntarily scared to disturb her.

It is noteworthy with what filigree the artist depicts the heroine. A slight blush on the cheeks, smart blue eyes, a neat nose and full lips. The girl is undoubtedly the future beauty who has just entered the heyday.

Savitsky’s canvas is very atmospheric and narrative - I want to consider it more and more. Many details in the setting provide food for thought who this girl is, from which family, what sciences she studies, what awaits her in the future, etc. It’s as if we ourselves are composing this story, the beginning of which for us was the author of the picture.