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“Naked sitting on the couch”, Amedeo Modigliani - description of the painting

“Naked sitting on the couch”, Amedeo Modigliani - description of the painting

Naked sitting on the couch - Amedeo Modigliani. 100 x 60 cm

In the period from 1916 to 1917, Amedeo Modigliani began working on the order of Zborowski on a series of paintings in the bold nude genre. The talented painter created more than 30 paintings depicting naked maids in various poses and angles. The picture Nude sitting on the sofa is a real pearl of this ambitious, famous series.

We see a beautiful woman. A thin, silk peignoir barely covers her breasts. The face is towards the viewer. You can note a neat nose, bright, sensual lips. She is both bold and chaste. An imposing, relaxed posture speaks of freedom, but at the same time the heroine bashfully covered her chest with her hand and threw her foot over foot, leaving only the thigh on display.

Amazing palette and technique of Modigliani. The master focused on red, brown and flesh tones. At the same time, the letter is distinguished by density and fullness. Warm colors are framed by a thin, barely noticeable line. With amazing filigree, the painter managed to convey the barely tangible nudity: sweet bliss, silkiness of the skin, the beauty of a limp, relaxed body. Light chiaroscuro creates a volume that is literally on the verge of a planar image. The girl from the canvas is not perfect according to modern canons (and according to the canons of the times of Modigliani), but you can feel that she is incomparable and delightful, as soon as my eyes begin to study the canvas of the great master.

The girl is thoughtful and calm. Peacefulness reigns in this masterpiece along with a hidden history - I want to penetrate the thoughts and feelings of this beautiful heroine.

The picture (among its own kind) made a lot of noise in society. She was exhibited at the exhibition in Paris for a short time - the city authorities and the police ordered to remove the shameless canvases from general view. Modigliani scolded for debauchery and disrespect for women in principle.

Today, an incredible picture is evaluated in a completely different way. More precisely, we can say that it is priceless. Although the Nude on the couch still has a specific value - in 2010, at the famous Sotheby's auction, the canvas went off the auction for almost 69 million cu, thereby breaking the price record of Modigliani's paintings. Currently, the masterpiece is in a private collection.

Art historians and researchers of the work of Amedeo Modigliani are unanimous - in his paintings of the nude genre, the artist surpassed himself. It is enough to look at the presented work in order to be uncompromisingly convinced of this.

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