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“Girl with the Pigs”, Thomas Gainsborough - description of the painting

“Girl with the Pigs”, Thomas Gainsborough - description of the painting

The girl with the pigs is Thomas Gainsborough. 1782.

Cute painting "Girl with Piglets" was created by the English artist Thomas Gainsborough in the late period of creativity. Behind him was the glory of an excellent portrait painter, membership in the national academy of painting, numerous exhibitions, recognition of the royal family. Now he could already enjoy working on what he really liked. And “for the soul,” Gainsborough painted pastoral landscapes. For example, such as the picture presented.

In the corner of the canvas is a small girl with a short haircut. Putting her head on her palm and resting her hand on her knee, she looks thoughtfully at the little pigs who have lowered their heels in a bowl of milk.

All this rural idyllic picture unfolds against the backdrop of a turbulent landscape (a frequent reception at Gainsborough) - the sunset sky is shrouded in torn clouds, and the crowns of trees are tilted, as if under a gust of wind. But looking at the girl, the mood immediately changes. Here reigns calm and measured.

It is noteworthy that Gainsborough rewrote the picture several times. It is said that all these variations on one plot appeared due to the opinion of the farmer. The villager lamented that no one would feed the piglets from one trough. And in the first version, one of the pigs was hoofed in a trough, which was also criticized.

You may notice that Gainsborough refers to his favorite coloristic effects - a luminous bright element (here it is a pig in the foreground) and a changeable play of light and shadow.

Art historians believe that Gainsborough had a decisive influence on the late landscapes with his wide rhythm and light drama. “Girl with Piglets” is realistic and has a tender mood. It is noticeable in each brushstroke the love and admiration of the author. That is why the picture is so emotional, alive and, of course, beautiful.

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