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Zimin Alexey Vladimirovich - biography and paintings

Zimin Alexey Vladimirovich - biography and paintings

The artist Alexei Zimin and his unique author's identity.

Alexei Zimin is a prominent representative of the young generation in contemporary Russian painting. Today, he is a world-famous artist whose works are eagerly bought for his collections by eminent patrons of art and wealthy clients. However, a couple of dozen years ago (and Alexey was born in 1995), the future genius of the art industry lived with his parents in Ulyanovsk, where he later went to school.

The unusual gift of a young art lover began to manifest itself at a very early age: the talent of the art teacher revealed the boy’s talent, who began to regularly send Alexey’s works to exhibitions. Drawing lessons helped the novice artist to find his unique author's identity, which consisted in the development of a special manner of writing, which was given the name "artnatura".

Inhabited planet The main style principle of this genre is the rejection of traditional methods of applying paints, where instead of brushes natural materials are used. The philosophical concept of the artnatura technique is based on the use of such visual aids as freshly picked grass, spruce or pine cones, and tree foliage. Pictures created with the help of environmentally friendly tools allow you to subtly convey the artist’s worldview and convey his aesthetic views to the audience.

The range of interests of Alexei Zimin

Being a sought-after artist, Alexey finds time for other creative activities. The versatility of his inner universe is manifested in a wide range of hobbies of a young man. Professional photography requires considerable skills in the art of lighting, which Alexei fully demonstrates, since to understand the fundamental laws of composition, you need to have a developed artistic flair.

However, photography is not the only hobby of a young author. Back in the sixth grade, Alexei Zimin began to get involved in model sports. Scrupulous hours of work on the design of manned models reflects the perfectionism of the artist’s character, which allowed him to take part in regional competitions with the Saint Elena sailing ship and the CESSNA airplane presented for the contest.

Through the clouds

Cultural Background Alexei Zimin

Artist Alexei Zimin comes from an intelligent family with classical bourgeois values. Realizing the need for higher education, after graduating from gymnasium No. 33 in Ulyanovsk, the young man entered the Russian State Social University in the department of information technology. The prospect of a programmer’s profession gives confidence in the future and minimizes the risks associated with the inevitable instability of the creative profession.

After studying at the Russian State University of Civil Engineering, the artist continued his career-personality search and was enrolled in the department of law at Moscow University. Alexei Zimin’s active citizenship and his interest in the field of law determine this choice, reinforcing the artist’s activities with knowledge of the current legislative framework and helping him protect his interests in the event of a conflict, as was the case with the attempt to steal the painting “The Seasons” at the Kiev airport.


A retrospective review of the work of Alexei Zimin and his contemporary work

By the age of twenty, the artist Alexei Zimin managed to participate in many prestigious events in the art world. As mentioned above, the first art events for young talent were school and city exhibitions, held in the native painter of Ulyanovsk. Then Alex gained organizational skills by conducting his own debut exhibition, "Spring Colors" in the library to them. Aksakova in 2013.

A little later, the artist began to develop the theme of space in his work, organically alternating work on terrestrial landscapes and phantasmagoric landscapes of other planets. In April 2016, in the framework of the exhibition dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day, the public immediately presented 3 outstanding works by Alexei Zimin: “The Nebula”, “Inhabited Planet” and “Through the Clouds”.

Spring 2016 was a fruitful period in the artist's career. Along with the space theme, Zimin addressed acute social problems by participating in another publicly important exhibition, “The Health of the Nation,” and presenting 2 paintings with exaggerated grotesque doctors and, on the contrary, with detailed medicines.

Early autumn

Patriotism and the artist’s indifference to state symbols are clearly seen in his next exhibition work entitled “Vladimir Putin after a rest in Crimea”. Specially written for the competition dedicated to the Day of Russia, this picture shows the President of the Russian Federation standing behind the podium surrounded by national flags. It is known that critics warmly accepted this work, expressing hopes for the further professional development of Alexei Zimin and wishing the author creative achievements.

Today, in the creative piggy bank of a famous artist, you can see not only the pearls of landscape lyrics (“Red Sunset”, “Sviyaga”, “Autumn”, “In Cherry”), but also amazing examples of abstract painting (“Triangle, Circle and Square”, “Dad from the fruit”). According to recent reports, one of the best works in the neo-Cubist style was acquired by a certain resident of the capital, who was forced to sell an apartment for the purchase of the “Triangle, Circle and Square”.

The motto of Alexey Zimin himself is his words motivating the creation of new masterpieces: "Today you are better than yesterday, and tomorrow you are better than everyone." As the artist explains his point of view, you should not strive to be like others, you need to develop your own personal style and contribute to the creative heritage of the nation through its own uniqueness.

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