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“Still life with plums, figs and a jug”, Luis Melendez - description of the painting

“Still life with plums, figs and a jug”, Luis Melendez - description of the painting

Still life with plums, figs and jug - Luis Melendez. 35 x 48 cm

The paintings of this Spanish artist are always impressive in their quality and realistic image, although it is only about reproducing the appearance of various household utensils, berries, fruits and other food products. However, all these components have not only different sizes, shapes and colors, but also texture. This is especially difficult for artists, with which Melendez dealt with masterly.

The composition of the still life with plums is multifaceted, as in most of the artist’s similar works. In the background is a deep ceramic bowl, from which you can see the tail of a rather large fish. In the center is the largest object in the composition - a tall wooden barrel. Next to him was a barely visible stack of deep plates of rough white ceramic with a blue border.

The middle plan is represented by a large loaf of freshly baked homemade bread and a white ceramic jug with an interesting twisted handle and a red thin strip on the neck. The loose texture of the bread on the fault is masterfully conveyed, and it seems that the air smells of fresh pastries. The crust looks baked and crispy, and the crumb looks airy and tender.

The same can be said of the jug. It is written with such high quality that on its surface you can see all the pores and the smallest defects, even circular traces that were formed when it was created during the movement of the potter's wheel. The most important thing in this picture is the fruit. They are located in the foreground. This is a scattering of ripe honey plums and three large black figs. Plums look wonderful, their texture is conveyed with great skill. Some transparency of their juicy pulp is felt, a bluish coating on the surface gives the fruit realism. Overripe figs with a cracked base add a special twist to the canvas.

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