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“Houses on the edge of the coast”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

“Houses on the edge of the coast”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

Houses on the edge of the coast - Fritz Taulov. Oil on Canvas 33x46 cm

One of the most “impressionist” paintings by the Norwegian painter Fritz Taulov is “The House on the Edge of the Shore”. The master, who went down in the history of fine art as the “Northern Impressionist,” preferred a realistic style, but with the addition of a special light-air environment. However, the work presented seems to be completely written in the famous French style, which means “impression” in translation.

There are very few clear lines, no objective contours, and the whole plot is painted with local color spots. Smears are small and neat. As a result, we see a beautiful landscape, characterized by cheerfulness and movement.

The composition of the picture is quite traditional for Taulov. The movement of the river goes “away from the viewer,” and the smooth bend of the river leads the view deeper into the canvas. At the same time, you can really feel your presence within the framework of the plot - as if you are admiring a beautiful landscape, and the sunlight covers your eyes and therefore the outlines of objects seem a little blurred.

Looking through the paintings of Taulov, one can be amazed how many variations can be invented, taking as the basis the same compositional construction. And everywhere nature will be different and the mood is completely special. It was as if the painter sensed with a sharp instinct what “breathes” this or that modest place. It is not surprising that his most famous and talented works are such chamber landscapes in unpretentious towns and villages.

What mood does this work carry? Just look at how bright the colors of the river flow, which undoubtedly play the main role here! How much light joyfully spreads over the roofs of houses and tall, wild grass around! How cloudless the sky is (almost), cast with a gentle shade of blue! Each detail of the work is presented with extraordinary love and trepidation, so that after many years we can feel this exciting delight dictated by a beautiful, warm, cloudless day. Great beauty can be small, as if Fritz Taulov tells us.

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