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“Zebra”, Andy Warhol - description of the painting

“Zebra”, Andy Warhol - description of the painting

Zebra - Andy Warhol. 1983

Silkscreen printing "Zebra" is part of the series of paintings "Endangered Species", created by Andy Warhol in 1983. You can also find another name for the cycle - "Animals in Make-up." In a series of 10 images of the rarest animals whose existence on the planet is in danger. In addition to Grevy’s Zebra, Warhol portrayed an orangutan, black rhino, Amur tiger, African elephant, etc. Grevy’s zebra is the rarest species of zebras, whose population is reduced annually, and in some habitats completely exterminated.

On the canvas, we see Grevy’s big zebra head turned towards the viewer. The master’s technique has remained unchanged, but the style presentation of the “late” Warhol has undergone some innovations. Images have become juicier, more colorful, contrasting colors are interspersed with thin, quite gentle lines. So the presented work is very catchy and contrasting. The black-red head of the zebra is surrounded by thin yellow lines, the same lines duplicated the stripes on the face of the animal. The picture turned out to be very dynamic and attracting the attention of the viewer.

As for technology, the author habitually uses his know-how, invented at the beginning of his creative career and inspired by experiments with a pinhole camera. Warhol imposed a transparency on a nylon mesh, previously moistened with a photo emulsion. It turned out a film that could be used several times. In this way, almost all the artist’s works were created and the cycle “Endangered Species” is no exception.

Just two months ago, a cycle of paintings was brought to an exhibition in Moscow. The exposition was placed in the Darwin Museum and finished working a few days ago. The event was timed to the year of ecology in Russia.

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