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“Landscape in Chailly”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

“Landscape in Chailly”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

Landscape in Chailly - Frederic Basil. 81 x 100.3 cm

“How much talent was in him and how little time was allotted!” - I want to exclaim, looking at the work of one of the founders of impressionism Frederic Basil.

Before us is the painting "Landscape in Chia", painted for its time in a very experimental manner. Firstly, the work was created in the open air, and in this Basil followed the principles of the artists of the Barbizon school. Actually, we see the landscape near the village of Barbizon. Secondly, the painter was not afraid of contrasts - how the blue, bright sky and gloomy boulders with broken tops of trees contrast with each other.

Some art historians see in the painting following the style of Gustave Courbet (deaf black, literally impenetrable sections of the painting), Jules Turbé, Theodore Russo (illuminated parts of trees). However, the glare of the sun, the play of light and shadow, the picturesque sky indicate precisely the emergence of a new style aesthetics, which after a very short time will become known around the world under the name "impressionism".

It is known that this picture appeared under the following circumstances: Claude Monet urges his friend, Frederic Bazile, to participate in his work “Breakfast on the Grass”. The Impressionists tried to write only from nature, and Basil had to pose before his friend. The work was carried out in Fanteblo, and helping Monet, Basil did not miss the opportunity to work in nature himself, especially since it was very picturesque - sharp stones with overgrown sides, grass burned out in the sun to orange-brown color, thick trees with spreading crowns and a lot of sun. Some elements of the work emphasize how the air and the surrounding world change under the influence of hot sunlight - the distinct white lines on the trunks of trees and boulders look like smears melted from the heat.

A favorite topic for Basil was a man surrounded by nature, and therefore works where the landscape plays the leading role are a very rare occurrence in the artist’s work, which only adds value to the picture presented.

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