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"Little Gardener", Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

Little gardener - Frederic Bazil. 128 x 169 cm

Restrained lyricism, romance, mastery of color - these are the main features of the style of one of the founders of impressionism Frederic Bazil. The presented work perfectly demonstrates the painter's keen interest in the landscape, and not just in nature, but in the harmonious presence of man on its background. For this, the painter, a fan of the Barbizon school, always worked in the open air.

Basil began painting "The Little Gardener" in 1867. At this time, the master, along with his family, rested in a country house of parents in the town of Merik. It was a traditional summer vacation trip, where the artist, in addition to rest, continued to work and experiment. In the lower left corner, you can see that the work was never finished.

On the canvas we see a large well-kept garden. The culmination center of the composition is the oleander bush blooming with scarlet flowers, despite the fact that this element is physically shifted from the center to the left side. The big-leafed spruce, heavy crowns of trees in the background are in harmony with perfectly evenly cut grass. And over all this man-made beauty lies a bright blue sky with rare islands of clouds. The viewer does not see the sun itself, however, it clearly feels it in the garden flooded with its light, which literally glows from the inside.

Here Basil assigned the role of an outside observer to the man - a young guy, dressed in simple clothes, as if trying on: what kind of work he has to do today. How eloquent his posture! We do not see the gardener's face, but no doubt we feel this thoughtfulness. It was as if he had stopped for a second to “estimate”, to plan his day, and was about to move again deep into the garden.

The picture is very harmoniously resolved in terms of color - a wealth of color, contrasts of bright plants and deep impenetrable shadows from the sun, volume and dynamics created precisely by color, and not by line. Basil confidently tasted the "taste" just created by him and his friends (Monet, Renoir) aesthetics of the new trend in the visual arts.

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