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"Portrait of Zhukovsky", Orest Adamovich Kiprensky - description

Portrait of Zhukovsky - Orest Adamovich Kiprensky. 64.8 x 58.1 cm

This portrait strongly emphasizes romanticism, which was the main style of that era and was reflected in all areas of art. The young romantic poet is depicted in an appropriate setting - in the background you can see a delicate translucent landscape with trees, lush wild vegetation and an old dilapidated castle that refers us to the era of chivalry.

The composition of the picture is ideally subordinated to the round shape of the canvas - the poet is depicted in a three-quarter position, in a thoughtful position, slightly leaning on his arm and looking into the distance. Perhaps at this moment he is just considering the plot of his next poetic work, because in his eyes it is clear that he is estranged from the vanity of life.

The color of the picture is somewhat reminiscent of portraits of the Renaissance, even the outlines and colors of the landscape in the background seem familiar. There is something like Leonardo da Vinci's Gioconda - the same transparent strokes and greenish-bluish tones.

Restrained colors allow you to focus on the face and eyes of the poet. His skin seems to glow against the background of a dark frock coat, and a delicate blush is shaded by the darkness of lush curly hair in a fashionable hairstyle. This is a very beautiful and expressive portrait, which preserved the appearance of the talented poet and courtier to the descendants.

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