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Girl with a cat, Kramskoy - description of the painting

Girl with a cat, Kramskoy - description of the painting

The girl with the cat is Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 71 x 58 cm

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy made his main contribution to the visual arts precisely with regard to the portrait genre. But it was the portrait that revealed the greatest talent of this painter.

He grasped the essence, looked for a man in a man, was not afraid of unexpected foreshortenings, devoted a special role to the image of his face and hands, and created a completely new interpretation of the child's portrait.

The presented painting shows the artist’s daughter - this is Sofia. Here, as a subtle lyricist and a bold colorist, the master is revealed here. His daughter is on the verge of transition from childhood to youth, but the audience will not find any admiration for freshness and youth here. Everything from what the artist has always seen in children of equal models, building his artistic dialogue, primarily with full-fledged personalities. Kramskoy was often reproached for the excessive psychology of children's portraits.

Here, too, the face of the girl who lay on the sofa is serious, and her eyes are thoughtful. The heroine is immersed in adult thoughts. A broken pose is balanced by the soft, delicate outline of a cat. Hands and especially long thin fingers are very expressive.

Kramskoy’s relationship with his daughter was very friendly, to say the least - these two relatives loved each other. According to the artist’s work, you can clearly see how his daughter grew up and looked pretty, as the master left many of her portraits. The fate of the girl was sad: she was repressed and, avoiding execution, spent a long time in exile. Kramskoy already did not find this ...

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