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Painting Birthday, Marc Chagall, 1915

Painting Birthday, Marc Chagall, 1915

To find an explanation for the fact that in many works of Chagall his heroes soar, hovering in the air, not a single critic sought. The picture “Birthday” also shows us two flying people who are undoubtedly in love with each other.

In the cramped space of the room, it seems that young people lack space - they rise above reality, so that the room seems even smaller. The most significant element in the work is the figure of a man, unnaturally curved, reaching for the beloved's lips.

The bizarre manner of writing, some ridiculous and at the same time unusually harmonious style, makes you carefully peer into the details of the picture and find something noticeable every second - an unusual rug above the bed in bizarre patterns, a white wall covered with blackouts, an iridescent textured girl’s dress, ending with a sharp a geometric collar, a bright red floor, a modest atmosphere in which geometric shapes are hidden (circles and rectangles) and much more.

The painting was painted in 1915, in that happy period when beloved Bella became Chagall's wife. Without a doubt, in this work he portrayed himself and his beloved - their happiness makes them take off the earth.

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